Relesys API Docs



Send Notifications
POST /communication/notifications
Send notifications via the available channels (see the Get Channels endpoint for more information).

sendPush determines whether a push notification will be sent as well. Default value is false Note: In order to send push notifications, it must be enabled on the channel it is being sent through.

sendAt is an optional parameter, making it possible to schedule when to have the notification sent. The date time will always be processed as Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) and the value must always be set to a date time greater than the time of the request being sent.

userId is the ID of the recipient.

title and message are optional parameters, making it possible to customize the content of the notification. Both parameters are required to either be filled out or be null.
If title and message are null, the default title and message text set for the channel with channelId will be used. The culture of the content used will be based on the culture of the user with userId, defaulting to the account's culture .

The maximum count of notifications per request is 100.

Please note: Notifications will be processed every minute, and if there are more than one notification per user, per channel, only the most recent notification will be processed and sent to said user. Notifications sent at a later interval to the same user will be processed.
Scopes: relesys.api, relesys.api:write, relesys.api.notifications, relesys.api.notifications:write
Request Body
  notifications array[object] required
   channelId string / guid required
   message string Max length: 1024 optional
   sendAt datetimeoffset optional
   sendPush boolean optional
   title string Max length: 128 optional
   userId string / guid required
There is no body for this response