Relesys API Docs



HTTP Status Codes

Our public API follows the HTTP status code standard.

Code Number Name Description
200 Ok The request was successful and you should get a body in return.
201 Created The request was successful and your data was created.
204 Deleted The request was successful and your data was deleted.
400 Bad Request The request was unsuccessful. It's expected that it was an error in the request.
401 Unauthorized The request was not authorized to perform an action.
403 Forbidden The request might be valid, but the server refused to process it.
404 Not found The request was successful, but there was nothing to show.
422 Unprocessable Entity The request was not processed due to a semantic error.
429 Too many requests You have sent too many requests. See Request Throttling for more info
500 Internal Server Error The server experienced an unexpected error.