Relesys API Docs



Request Throttling

Our API employs a rate-limit to all requests. This is done to ensure a minimum performance to all who consume the API, and to protect the service behind against overloading.

Rate limits

We impose a rate-limit on the ClientId provided, which means all usage of this ClientId across locations and servers have a shared rate-limit. At this time, all endpoints share the same global limit. This means that requests to different endpoints all count towards the same rate-limit. All requests beyond the limit will be throttled.

We do not impose a quota limitation, but see Fair use for more info. So in theory you can make as many requests a day as needed, as long as the rate-limit is followed.

Limits Value
Rate limit 100 requests per minute
Quota Unlimited (fair use)

Fair use

All usage is tracked, and any excessive use will be looked into and could cause a rate-limit or quota decrease if needed.

Handling throttled requests

If the rate-limit is exceeded a response with HTTP status code 429 will be returned. The response will also contain a Retry-After header. It contains a value in seconds, which is the time to wait before making any new requests.

Retry-After: 24
Content-Length: 104
Content-type: application/json
    "errorCode": "429",
    "message": "Request quota exceeded. A maximum of 100 requests are allowed per minute"