Relesys API Docs



Send Message
POST /communication/messages/{userId}/send{userId}/send
Sends a Message to the user.

Please read the information below carefully, so you know how this endpoint operates.

deliveryMethod - Decides how to attempt to send out the message. If not provided, the request will not continue.
 - Parameters: "sms", "email" or "both"

communicationTemplateId - If provided will look for the message to be sent out based on the Id provided. A list of available Communication Templates can be found under Communication -> Templates.

messageType - If communicationTemplateId is not provided, this will be looked for based on the 3 options below. These settings are chosen in the Relesys Portal.
 - Parameters: "welcome", "logininfo" or "forgottenpassword"

messageBody - If none of the 2 options above are provided, this will be used to create a custom message.
 - The body for email is HTML encoded and for SMS it is ASCII encoded.
Scopes: relesys.api, relesys.api:write, relesys.api.users, relesys.api.users:write
URL Path
userId string / guid The user's unique identifier required
Request Body
  communicationTemplateId string / guid optional
  deliveryMethod string required
  messageBody object optional
   email object optional
    body string optional
    subject string optional
   sms object optional
    body string optional
  messageType string optional
There is no body for this response