Relesys API Docs



Get Data List Item
GET /dataLists/{dataListId}/items/{dataListItemId}{dataListId}/items/{dataListItemId}
Get a data list item with ID dataListItemId.

customFieldValues - This field differ based on the custom fields the data list has and what type the fields are.
Either value, locales, medias or dataListItems is set depending on the type value:

  • Barcode, Color, Date or Number
  • The field value will be set.

  • Text or Multiline Text
  • The field value will be set.
    If the custom field is multilingual, then locales will be used instead.

  • Media
  • The field medias will be set.

  • Data List
  • The field dataListItems will be set.
Scopes: relesys.api, relesys.api:read, relesys.api.datalists, relesys.api.datalists:read
URL Path
dataListId string / guid required
dataListItemId string / guid required
{"data":{"id":"8dd160fe-cae3-4fd4-9cb1-811c0f664987","url":null,"customId":"Data list item custom id example 5","sortOrder":0,"isEnabled":true,"creationDateTime":"2024-07-17T10:06:36.4725604+00:00","lastModifiedDateTime":"2024-07-18T10:06:36.4725604+00:00","locales":[{"culture":"da-DK","title":"Data list item locale title example 7"}],"customFieldValues":[{"dataListCustomFieldId":"52438cf2-2227-45d3-9240-583fb1dfa401","url":null,"type":"DataList","value":null,"locales":null,"medias":null,"dataListItems":[{"type":"Department","id":"b0904252-4690-4da1-8bb4-55a76f7272ee","url":null}]}]}}
  data object      
   creationDateTime datetimeoffset      
   customFieldValues array[object]      
    dataListCustomFieldId string / guid      
    dataListItems array[object]      
     id string / guid      
     type string      
     url string      
    locales array[object]      
     culture string      
     value string      
    medias array[object]      
     contentType string      
     downloadUrl string      
     fileName string      
     id string / guid      
     referenceUrl string      
    type string      
    url string      
    value string      
   customId string      
   id string / guid      
   isEnabled boolean      
   lastModifiedDateTime datetimeoffset      
   locales array[object]      
    culture string      
    title string      
   sortOrder integer      
   url string