Relesys API Docs


Department Total Points

Get Departments' Total Points
GET /highscores/{highscoreId}/departments{highscoreId}/departments
Get total points for each department in the highscore with ID highscoreId.
Default sort is by value in descending order.

Please note: Only users with more than 0 points will be shown.
Scopes: relesys.api, relesys.api:read, relesys.api.highscores, relesys.api.highscores:read
URL Path
highscoreId string / guid required
Query String
departmentId string / guid Filterable optional
value integer Filterable Sortable optional
sort string Comma separated sort order based on sortable properties optional
offset integer Offset value for use in pagination Default: 0 optional
limit integer Total objects to fetch (max 1000) Default: 200 optional
  count integer      
  data array[object]      
   id string / guid      
   url string      
   value integer      
  nextUrl string      
  previousUrl string