Relesys API Docs



Get Pages
GET /serviceforms/{serviceFormId}/forms/{formId}/pages{serviceFormId}/forms/{formId}/pages
Get all pages for the form with the provided ID
Scopes: relesys.api, relesys.api:read, relesys.api.serviceform, relesys.api.serviceform:read
URL Path
serviceFormId string / guid required
formId string / guid required
Query String
id string / guid Filterable optional
isVisible boolean Filterable optional
name string Filterable Sortable optional
stageId string / guid Filterable optional
sort string Comma separated sort order based on sortable properties optional
offset integer Offset value for use in pagination Default: 0 optional
limit integer Total objects to fetch (max 1000) Default: 200 optional
{"count":2,"data":[{"id":"b7294f8c-da33-4b02-8b06-fe2475bd14d2","formId":"5f25ab10-1c45-4d56-9202-6962b86e2c28","stageId":"5f4f243f-80ce-453d-a3b2-906dda66a76d","sortOrder":1,"name":"Service form page example 1","isVisible":true},{"id":"60811af2-4d6b-48dc-b6f9-f27aaf856093","formId":"f4325f3c-4ee1-4f74-8d36-626891412fe5","stageId":"c2a5569a-c548-49d4-b401-c77b04a38719","sortOrder":2,"name":"Service form page example 2","isVisible":true}]}
  count integer      
  data array[object]      
   formId string / guid      
   id string / guid      
   isVisible boolean      
   name string      
   sortOrder integer      
   stageId string / guid      
  nextUrl string      
  previousUrl string